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Report Manager Mapping
Standalone or Integrated into QlikView®

Create simple or complex maps dynamically using our web based UI or automatically using the built in Report Manager scheduler. Optionally use the power of QlikView® to create complex selections in QlikView® and generate interactive maps.
QlikView selections to map
Powerful scripting
Custom Layers
Report Manager's powerful Geo-spatial engine allows you to create custom layers to your maps:
  • Heat maps - generate heat maps to visualize thousands of points
  • Thematic maps - visualize your data in thematic maps
  • Business charts on a map - display bar charts, pie charts in a map
  • Scaled icons
  • Shape Files - Custom shape files to display static data such as regions or sales areas
  • Labels - View data in geographic areas as text
Perform geospatial analysis of data inside with powerful maps which support layers with sequencing and custom switch on and off. The layered maps can be added to your Report Manager reports to provide prospective to your data.
Embed maps in your reports
Generate beautiful Powerpoint© presentations, Excel© and Word© documents with embedded maps

Report authors, administrators or end users can generate reports with embedded maps.
Reports with maps
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