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Fortune 500 customers in 9 countries

Our enterprise clients needed a solution that could easily and securely manage their high volume and complex reporting requirements. They needed a solution that would allow non-programmers to build automated and adhoc reports in Excel®, Powerpoint®, Word®, and PDF®.

For example:
  • A large public healthcare company needed the ability to generate a 75-150 page brochure quality report for client meetings. Report Manager dynamically builds the table of contents and generates rates tables and other data based on the Sales Reps selections. Our client produces approximately 400 of these reports a day and a total of 26,000 reports a week.
  • A large financial institution had a requirement to generate 7,600 complex Excel®reports in a 2 hour window each night. They needed the ability to reload 250 QlikView® QVW's and generate 30 different reports from each - Report Manager was able to achieve this in 1 hour and 15 minutes.
  • A large insurance company needed the ability to generate 100,000 colorful customer statements a day. Report Manager was easily able to build the high quality output they required as well as the volume.
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